About "Eterika"


Eterika is a Bulgarian producer of natural essential oils, natural aromatic products, and cosmetic products with natural composition. The modern production and technological schemes, set in the work process, guarantee high quality of our products. 


The company was founded and started operating in 1990, initially producing essential oils. It has its own arrays of essential oil crops and its own distillation base. The rose and lavender plantations are located in the area of the village of Pesnopoy - 40 km north of Plovdiv. It is considered that this is the southernmost region of the Rose Valley, offering optimal soil and climatic conditions for growing the oil-bearing Bulgarian rose Rosa damascena and other essential oil plants and obtaining high-quality essential oils from them. 

The following facts make us proud

  • The company was the first to build a new operating distillery for essential oils in Bulgaria after the democratic changes in 1989.
  • The first rose oil was produced by a private entrepreneur in Bulgaria after the existing state distilleries - in May 1992. Fact certified by Protocol № 1 of 19.06.1992 by the State Laboratory "Bulgarian Rose" - Sofia.
  • Created by us in 1996 are the first new plantations of lavender and oil rose after the democratic changes in 1989 in Bulgaria.

In 1996 the brand "Eterika" was registered. A series of natural cosmetic products "Eterika" has been created with application in aromatherapy and medical cosmetics, developed by qualified specialists.

Briefly we today

  • We produce natural products from the series "Eterika" -an incredible temptation to communicate and harmony with nature-series for face, body, hair, natural waters, pure essential and vegetable oils, mixtures of pure essential oils, alginate face and body masks with French raw materials .
    The products produced by the company do not contain paints, synthetic fragrances and others; we do not use animal products, we recycle packaging.
  • In the production and supply of our products we want to stand out and tirelessly pursue our basic understandings: our own raw materials, closed cycle, quality and efficiency of finished products, natural and organic products, and reasonable prices.
  • To all who are intrigued by us and our products, we wish: "Expand your appreciation of nature."

"The modern production and technological schemes, set in the work process, guarantee high quality of our products. "


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