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Aroma blends Eterika

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Aroma blends “Eterika”

Aroma blends contain biologically active substances extracted from plants. They act simultaneously at different levels in the body. Using the healing power of plants, essential oils contribute to the harmonization, balance and healing of the body, mind and emotions. Their application is a tradition of knowledge about herbs preserved over the centuries.

The use of essential oils requires consultation with a doctor or aromatherapist. They are used to a limited extent in epileptics, hypertensives, children, nursing mothers, pregnant women and people with individual intolerance to certain essential oils!

It is necessary to make a tolerance test: the essential oil or aromatic mix diluted in base oil is tested by rubbing a few drops on the inside of the elbow joint and wait 5-6 hours for a skin reaction, when taken, by smell, after inhalation, wait a few minutes for the body to react.

The essential oils of bergamot, grapefruit, lemon, tangerine, orange, lemongrass are phototoxic and after use the skin should not be exposed to the sun!

Essential oils are highly concentrated and should not be overdosed! In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water! Diluted on the skin.

Store at tº 7-25 º C, tightly closed, without exposure to direct sunlight, heat and out of reach of children!

Applications of aroma blends

Aroma lamp and aromatization: 3-5 drops of aromatic mix are added to the aroma lamp filled with water.

Inhalation: 2-3 drops of aromatic mix added to a liter of boiling water, the vapor is inhaled for 5-10 minutes, up to twice a day.

Cold inhalation: 1-2 drops of aromatic mix are dropped on a tissue and inhaled for 5-10 minutes, 2-3 times a day.

Bath: 6-7 drops of aromatic mix dissolved in emulsifier (soda, salt) are added to the water, the body is immersed for 10 minutes, without the head, neck and upper chest.

Partial bath: 2-3 drops of aromatic mix dissolved in emulsifier (soda, salt) are added to the water, feet or palms are immersed for 10-15 minutes, up to twice a day.

Sauna: 5 drops of aromatic mix are added to 200 ml of water and sprayed in the sauna.

Massage: 20 drops of aromatic mix are mixed with 50 ml. base oil (almond, wheat germ, apricot kernels, grape seeds, jojoba, macadamia, etc.)

Enricher of creams and shampoos: 3-5 drops of essential oil added to 100 ml.

Aroma blends as an alternative against allergies

An allergy is an overreaction of the body to a certain substance. Substances that cause allergic reactions are very different and are called allergens. Allergic reactions to pollen, mold, mites, insect stings or bites, dust, food, drugs, cosmetics, pets, etc. are known. Symptoms vary in severity, from mild to moderate such as allergic rhinitis, conjunctivitis and dermatitis to severe, which are associated with difficulty breathing, suffocation, low blood pressure, slow heart rate, and some can lead to allergic shock and death. Pollution of the air and the environment, excessive use of chemicals in everyday life, weakened immune system contribute to the exacerbation of allergic symptoms.

Some essential oils can suppress the body’s allergic reaction or relieve symptoms such as respiratory problems, inflammation of the eyes and skin. They support the immune system, detoxification processes and fight inflammation and infections. In order to show their effect, essential oils can be evaporated and dispersed by diffusion indoors, applied by inhalation or applied to the skin.

Eucalyptus oil relieves the symptoms of colds, unclogs the nose, sinuses, helps secrete secretions and opens the airways. Soothes swelling and redness of the eyes, skin inflammation after insect bites.

Peppermint oil helps with headaches and respiratory problems, nasal congestion, dry cough. It has a refreshing and cooling effect on the skin. Soothes skin irritations, inflammation, redness, itching.

Lemon oil purifies the air in the rooms, has a refreshing and toning effect. Relieves headaches, helps eliminate toxins, stimulates the immune system.

Tea tree oil is known for its strong antibacterial properties. It has a purifying effect, strengthens the immune system. Soothes inflammation of the upper respiratory tract, skin inflammation, itching and swelling.

Lavender oil with its many properties relieves colds, headaches, coughs. Increases the body’s defenses. Soothes skin inflammation and can be applied directly after insect bites.

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