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Aromatherapy Massage

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One of the ways to apply aromatic substances is massage.

Massage is an effective method for maintaining and maintaining a healthy and fresh look of the face and body.

It includes a complex of different in nature and strength mechanical movements performed with the hands, having a beneficial effect on

  • the skin;
  • underlying tissues;
  • nerves;
  • blood and lymph vessels.

Massage also works reflexively through many nerve receptors. It activates cutaneous blood circulation, dilates blood vessels and causes abundant blood flow to tissues, as a result, their supply of nutrients and oxygen is improved. All physiological functions of the skin are normalized – sweating and fatty secretions, lymph outflow is improved and metabolism is stimulated.

Massage can be healing – for local and general diseases, sports – for faster removal of muscle fatigue, in preparation for heavy muscle loads and cosmetic – to remove cosmetic defects and beautification.

Aroma massage combines the therapeutic effect of massage with the beneficial properties of special essential oils for massage taken through the skin and sense of smell.

In aroma massage are used mixtures such as oil extracts from aromatic plants or a mixture of vegetable glycerides and essential oils.

Applied with the help of massage and absorbed by the skin, the biologically active substances get into the blood and lymph, affect:

  • vegetative functions;
  • hormonal balance;
  • senses;
  • emotions and mood.

Thus, through the proper use of essential oils for massage, gentle recovery and harmonious communication between body and soul is achieved.

Great care for facial skin is the application of a suitable combination of essential oils for massage and proper massage technique.

The massage increases the strength of the muscles and their elasticity, preventing the relaxation of the facial muscles and thus preventing the formation of wrinkles.

Under the influence of the valuable ingredients of essential and vegetable glyceride oils, the skin becomes soft, supple and fresh. It is good that the massage is preceded by a thermal procedure – steam bath or hot compresses with herbal decoctions. The hot steam expands the pores, strengthens the blood circulation and contributes to the maximum effectiveness of the massage.

Regular body massage hardens and increases the body’s defenses. The best healing and cosmetic effect of the massage is obtained by using various essential oil mixtures. Thus, the oils penetrate the skin and have a healing effect on swelling, muscle spasms, colds and coughs, adhesions of tissues after injury, abdominal pain and flatulence and more. Rubbing improves blood circulation to the skin and tissues, muscle tone, stimulates skin function. It is performed by calm, concentric movements on the whole body or only on separate parts of it.

Scalp massage is especially useful for hair loss and can be combined with hair care. Apply a suitable combination of essential and base oils to the hair roots and gently massage the scalp with your fingertips. The massage starts from the nape of the neck up to the scalp, then rubbed vigorously. The result is nourished skin, shiny hair and a feeling of relaxation and lightness.

Aroma massage has an extremely beneficial effect on the body – calms the nervous system, eliminates fatigue, creates a feeling of vitality and tones the whole body.

Under the influence of massage reflexively improves the general condition of the body, increases vitality, increases efficiency and improves sleep.

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