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Aromatic baths with essential oils

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Aromatic baths are water procedures combining the life-giving action of water with the healing power of aromatic oils. In an extremely pleasant way, they have a beneficial effect on the whole organism. Refresh, invigorate, tone or soothe and relax.

In the bath, the essential oils dissolved in water envelop the body, pass through the skin and enter the bloodstream and lymph. They improve the functional state of systems in the body, increase intracellular metabolism, stimulate the resistance forces against the adverse effects of the environment. Inhaled aromatic vapours affect the central nervous system and have a psychotherapeutic effect.

Aromatic baths can be: cool – with water temperature 25-33°C, neutral – with water temperature 34-36°C, warm – with water temperature 37-39°C and hot – with water temperature 40-42°C. Cool and cool baths have a general toning effect, stimulate cardiovascular and nervous system functions and increase metabolism. Neutral and warm baths reduce pain, lower muscle tension, calm the nervous system and improve sleep. Hot baths increase sweating and metabolism, but exhaust the body.

It is important to accurately determine the temperature and observe a certain duration of the procedure. Hot and lukewarm baths are usually the shortest lasting 3 to 5 minutes, warm baths average 10 to 15 minutes, and neutral baths are the longest lasting 30 to 35 minutes. It has been found that the best healing effect of warm and neutral baths is in the evening half an hour or an hour before sleep, and hot and lukewarm – in the afternoon. It is not desirable to apply aromatic baths immediately after eating, as it strains the cardiovascular system and hinders the digestive process.

Aromatic baths are conducted in different forms: full (general) bath – the whole body is immersed, excluding the head, neck and upper chest; semi-wave (sitting bath) – the body is immersed halfway to the waist area and partial bath – on individual parts of the body – legs, feet, hands, pelvis, etc.

Aromatic bath is prepared by adding seven to ten drops of essential oil dripped on an emulsifier (solvent) such as sea salt, honey, glyceride oil (almond, jojoba, grape, etc.) into a bath filled with water at a certain temperature. With the help of the emulsifier, the essential oils are more evenly distributed in the water. After the bath, the body should not be rinsed with clean water, but only dried with a towel. A thirty minute break is recommended.

Aromatic baths can be conducted with only one type of aromatic oil or with a combination of different oils, which enhances the desired healing effect. According to Robert Tisserant, particularly effective are aromatic baths with the following combinations of essential oils:

Morning toning and refreshing bath:

rosemary oil – 3 drops

juniper oil – 5 drops

peppermint oil – 2 drops

Daily refreshing, toning and cooling bath:

bergamot oil – 4 drops

basil oil – 2 drops

Evening soothing and sleep-inducing bath:

chamomile oil – 2 drops

lavender oil – 5 drops

essential oil of orange – 2 drops