Aroma compositions, Essential oils

Eterika series – natural, clean and healthy care

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Cosmetic oils for the face – active formulas for every skin type

What are the benefits of using Eterika cosmetic facial oils? Successfully fight the signs of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles and blemishes; Improve skin flexibility; They are characterized by 100% natural composition – a combination of essential and base oils, which makes them completely safe for application on the skin, unlike other cosmetic products that are the result of intensive chemical treatment.

Cosmetic hair oils – for vibrant, silky soft and shiny skin

Hair has natural functions to protect against external factors and to properly hydrate the hair. However, these mechanisms cease to operate “at full speed” under the influence of various negative influences. At this point, Eterika’s cosmetic oils come to the rescue.

Cosmetic body oils – for a healthy and elegant figure

Eterika’s body oils help with general relaxation and relaxation of the body and for skin imperfections. Massage of the body can be performed in the areas where physical tension and pain are felt. It is suitable for use after sports or heavy physical activity. They help strengthen the structure of the skin, maintaining its elasticity and preventing the formation of stretch marks.