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Natural skin care with the floral waters of Eterika

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Floral waters are an elixir for many problems that can be easily treated after just a few sprays. Today we will introduce you to the floral waters we offer at Eterika and their great qualities that you will be convinced of.

Floral orange water

This water is extracted from the root of the orange Citrus sinensis. It works great on the skin, you will notice a refreshing feeling, refreshing and uplifting. It acts to balance the skin and is suitable for oily and problematic. If you decide to use water for your hair, you will notice its softness and shine.

Floral pine water

This product is distilled and created from pine needles and twigs – Pinus sylvestris. This wonderful water is toning, hydrating and softens all skin types. The shine of the hair is also noticeable and it strengthens it noticeably. You can enjoy the great scent because it deodorizes and flavors.

Floral mint water

Mint water and extracted from the leaves of Mentha piperita. This water is mainly invigorating, refreshing and is great for summer because it is cooling. You will feel the energizing aroma and stimulating effect. It is suitable for all skin types because it cleanses well, tones the skin and promotes microcirculation.

Floral geranium water

This magical water and extracted from the well-known geranium Geranium macrorrhizum. This product strengthens and balances oily and acne-prone skin. You will feel a calming effect, especially on inflamed areas and those that are red. Hydration is also evident after the first few sprays.

Organic floral geranium water will help acne-prone skin to be more balanced and help the healing process. Find the water that is best for you at

Floral chamomile water

The great ingredients are created from the flowers of the German chamomile plant, which relieves irritation, burns, insect bites and even fights dryness. It can help you fight tired and swollen eyes. You will notice that after some use it gives shine and radiance to the skin.
Great product that is worth trying and soon enjoy a fresher and more radiant skin.

Floral lavender water

This product is extracted from the heart of the lavender Lavandula angustifolia. You will feel its refreshing effect as well as hydrating. Cleanses the skin and hair well by acting anti-inflammatory, especially on skin prone to acne. It can relieve insect bites, allergies, burns, as well as improve your sleep, feel its relaxing effect and calm you down.

Floral rose water

Floral Rose Water has been extracted from the Bulgarian oil-bearing rose Rosa Damascena which will gently cleanse the skin in depth, soothe and refresh it. It can be used often for any skin type, which makes it great as a gift. It can help with sunburn, puffy and tired eyes. It is important that it can strengthen and revitalize the hair. The amazing aroma that will spread will create a great mood for you.

Lemon floral water

Lemon balm is a natural herb that is known for its calming effect. This product is extracted from the leaves of the herb Melissa officinalis, which will improve insomnia, tension and stress. After use you will feel how well it will affect eczema, allergies and inflammation. The scent is great, so enjoy it every time you use it.

Yarrow floral water

This water is made from the heart of yarrow Achillea millefolium, cleanses the skin very well and has an astringent effect. You will feel shrinking pores and changes in skin irritations, rashes and even acne. Helps fight dandruff and significantly strengthens hair. Can be used for oily hair and skin.

Organic floral basil water for oily skin

This product is extracted from the core of the basil Ocimum basilicum. It has an anti-inflammatory, refreshing and soothing effect because it is suitable for oily skin. You will feel an improvement in appetite and digestion and it works great as an effective insect repellent.

St. John’s wort floral water

St. John’s wort is excellent for skin regeneration and recovery. This product is created from the core of the herb Hypericum perforatum and is able to relieve abrasions, burns, bruises and wounds. It will take care of your skin by refreshing and strengthening it.

Floral water from Salvia Officialis / Sage /

A product worth trying because it is especially suitable for oily skin and hair. You will notice toning and slowing down the aging process, which is always a plus in skin care. It also works effectively as an antiperspirant, balances the skin and shrinks pores. It is extracted from the sage plant – Salvia sage.
Organic floral water from nettles
This water is great for exhausted hair, will strengthen it and make it more balanced. It also fights the signs of acne, irritation and redness. It is suitable for dry skin that has been treated and needs hydration and refreshment.

Organic floral water from sumac

Great product that takes care of oral hygiene and prevention. Extracted from the sumac plant Cotinus coggygria, it also takes great care of the healing of the skin, itching and its recovery. Prevents oiliness and has a great astringent effect.
Thyme floral water
Water that treats oily skin and hair and a product extracted from Thymus vulgaris. This water tones and cleanses the skin, you will notice and shrink pores. Effectively relieves skin irritations and gives flexibility to your hair.

At Eterika there is a wide variety of floral waters that are delicately extracted from the plants so that they can reach you with maximum effect in a well-chosen package. Choose the ones that are most suitable for you or consult the specialists on the site who are ready to help you. Which floral water did you choose?

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