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What are carrier oils?

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Carrier oils, or also known as glyceride oils, are extracted from oil and essential oil crops, each with different benefits for humans. Some are preferred in the cosmetic industry, others are mainly used for cooking. Although many plants suggest the extraction of beneficial substances from them, there are some carrier oils that enjoy particularly great attention. The trend towards people’s increasing interest in carrier  oils is mainly due to the hundreds of recommendations by specialists about their benefits as part of our daily routine. A deeper knowledge of their characteristics confirms their beneficial action:

  • On the one hand, scientists are calling for the use of carrier oils in the kitchen and making them part of our daily menu;
  • On the other hand, the trend of using natural products in hair, skin and body care is becoming stronger in the beauty industry. How are carrier oils extracted? The carrier oils are extracted from the nuts, seeds and fruits of the plants by cold pressing and fine purification, without heating to a high temperature. The reason we use this technology is that it preserves their valuable qualities and extends their shelf life.
  • At Eterica, we select the raw materials we offer very carefully in order to guarantee our customers high quality and transparency. What are the benefits of base oils? Depending on the way you use them, they can have different positive effects on your body and organism. Their main benefits are that they speed up cell turnover and improve blood circulation. When using base oils as a cosmetic product, they lead to the restoration of skin elasticity and collagen formation. Along with the various carrier oils, you can also find essential oils here, which also offer a wide range of possible uses for your health, vision and even your home. Get high-quality products with clear sourcing for maximum results.