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What is rose oil used for?

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We all know how amazing rose oil is. It is no coincidence that many ladies use a variety of rose products in their skin care. In addition, foreigners respect this oil by buying many pieces of their loved ones when leaving Bulgaria.

What is this oil and what are its benefits we will introduce you in today’s article.

Natural rose oil

100% Pure and Natural rose oil of Eterika has a great scent that can accompany your whole day and make it more positive and pleasant. You will feel a colorful scent, which is accompanied by freshness and light sweetness.

This oil has many actions and is also an aphrodisiac. It helps the body by refreshing and toning it, and is also antifungal, antiviral, hemostatic, hemostatic and stimulates menstruation.

It works great in the fight against kidney stones, helping to destroy and excrete them.

How to use rose oil?

If you have problems with insomnia, it is good to put 3 to 5 drops of the aroma lamp and take advantage of the wonderful aroma and great action. The same is good to do if you have headaches, migraines and even colds. If you experience severe irritation or other premenstrual syndrome, aromatherapy with this oil will help you be more balanced and relaxed.

When you take a bath with this oil you will feel that it helps with depression, premenstrual pain and tension, as well as anti-inflammatory. For an aphrodisiac it is also good to take a bath with 3 to 5 drops at 28-35 degrees water temperature. 10-15 minutes will be enough to feel the effect of the bath.

You can also use the oil for massages. It works especially well on dry and sensitive skin, as well as on anxiety and stress. It will help improve blood circulation and will have a tonic and invigorating effect.

Here it is good to combine it with different oils, as you will only need a few drops of the rose. Mix almond oil, sandalwood, indrishe, juniper, lavender, bergamot. It is good to add some of your favorite oil, which will further affect your senses.

If you have menstrual irregularities or any other type of problem in this area, go for rose oil washes. The same goes for toothache. You can also do massages for problem skin, as well as eczema and other irritations. A face mask is also a great option.

Rose oil is a real magic and precious for various problems related to body, skin and spirit. Remember that it is very concentrated, so it is good to use diluted and in combination with other oils.

Give your body a chance to calm down and start the processes of beautiful skin and calm spirit. Rose oil is a great option to help solve many deep-seated problems, so do not underestimate its qualities. Use it in different ways so that you can enjoy all its qualities. A soothing bath or face mask would give you a lot of useful substances and would have a great effect on your skin.

Remember that you can get additional information on the Eterika website, where you will find other essential oils with which to combine rose. Take care of yourself, because you deserve the best that nature has prepared for you.

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