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Which essential oils are suitable for your hair type?

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Since ancient times essential oils have been used for what not. In the beauty routine of every woman are present not only in the hair, but also in all body care. That is why in today’s article we will show you which oils are suitable for your hair type and what useful properties you will derive from them.

Essential oils for oily hair?

There is a misconception that ladies with oily scalp should not use essential oils on it, because it can make it extra oily. It is even worse when the oily scalp is washed unnecessarily, because this makes the natural oils compensate and overlap even more. But what are the essential oils that will have a beneficial effect on oily scalp?

Lavender oil is one of the most common oils, which, in addition to its soothing function, takes great care of oily scalp. If it is mixed with itching and dandruff, you can safely use lavender, and it will balance the excess oil. Lavender essential oil will soothe the scalp and hair, as well as help hair growth.

Rosemary oil also successfully treats dandruff, as it stimulates growth and helps to properly balance the sebum on the scalp. Use it carefully and do not overdo it.

The tea tree is a great essential oil for oily hair, and you can easily fight dandruff with it. It has antibacterial properties, as well as affects hair loss, which also promotes hair growth.

Essential oils for dry hair?

Patchouli oil has restorative effects, which is the beginning of the treatment of dry scalp. It also has a direct effect on hair growth, strengthening the hair and making it shiny. The oil moisturizes the scalp and removes excess oil, which makes it suitable for normal hair.

Chamomile oil is popular for dealing with exhausted and dry hair. You will notice an improvement in its shine and softness, as it will soothe the scalp. Beautiful hair is the basis for building good self-confidence and healthy hair.

Geranium oil is an ancient essential oil that is even used is holistic medicine. It has a pleasant, citrus aroma, which is an additional effect when applied. Strengthens hair, makes it softer and shinier. You can enjoy a more balanced scalp and stronger hair from the roots. This oil will help you if you are struggling with various irritations that will go away after a few applications.

Jojoba oil is better known for dealing with hair loss, but in fact it moisturizes the hair and adds nutrients. Because it has a healing effect on the follicles, it successfully affects hair growth. Healthy scalp will allow you to take care of your hair in the best way. Rely on quality products that will give shine, softness and strength to your entire hair.

Choose your oil and experiment, you can’t go wrong if you try different masks that will perfectly help your hair and scalp. Choose the right supplier to guarantee the quality of the products you have chosen. Head to to enjoy perfect quality, quantity and variety.